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Maluti Community Development Forum (MCDF) was founded in 2013 by concerned citizens of Mokhotlong, Lesotho. 

The MCDF is a mouth piece for the marginalized communities within the mining locations of Lesotho. The Forum primarily targets those affected communities within the major national treasure points such as water resources (wetlands), sandstone mining, global warming, energy and farming.

Mokhotlong is located on a mountainous area far north of the country and home to the biggest diamond mine in Lesotho, it is also within a regional border where three other big mines are located and within a location where two new prospecting sites are ongoing. Mokhotlong is undoubtedly a farming community in the form of animal husbandry. more families depend on livestock than any other area in Lesotho.


  • To promote, develop and improve general livelihood of the communities of Mokhotlong by establishing among other things an abattoir at which all animals due for slaughter shall be taken in order to supply butcheries.
  • To protect the use of minerals and other natural resources for maximum benefit and empowerment of the communities on their land in a sustainable manner through the establishment of local and international markets.
  • To solicid finance from all sources to help the Forum and its affiliated associations or members by loans or otherwise to establish and/or promote projects of different kinds intended for the advancement of their livelihood and well being. 

  • To affiliate with the regional, continental and international associations, governmental organisations with concurring or similar objectives and interests in community development matters comprising of, but not limited to, improved standards of living and poverty alleviation, job creation,tourism promotion, commercial farming, youth empowerment through employment creation and entrepreneurship and other matter of general concern.
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  1. In 2014, forged coperations between the Governments of lesotho and Botswana & established bi-lateral relations with select farmers in Botswana (MoU/MoA).
  2. In 2016, staged three (3) community protests against Letseng Diamonds Mine and pushed for the firing of the Chief Executive of the mine.
  3. Sourced donations in the form of grain and distributed to destitude families.
  4. Attended regional mobilisation campaigns including the mining indaba in cape town since 2014;
  5. Organised and accomplished training and propagation sessions with communities by means of public gatherings.

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